"The Writer's Block" is a reality web series, in ten episodes, that documents the process of two writers and their endeavours to get their TV series "Gentle Bend" to air. The series features actual writing sessions, in which ideas are discussed, characters are created and scripts are developed. Intermingled with the sessions are frank discussions of the writer’s personal lives, trials and tribulations.

What makes this series interesting is the chemistry between the two hosts. As they develop their concepts, each brings to the table their own thoughts, ideas, struggles and hopes, which inevitably make it into the scripts. Candid conversations reveal the people behind the writing, and expose the lengthy and often challenging process of creating a TV series.

Using footage from actual writing sessions and one-on-one interviews with each writer, "The Writer's Block" is as real as it gets. The series is unscripted, unrehearsed and definitely uncensored!

The series features Allison Graham and Norm Berketa, both accomplished actors and writers, who also host a talk show called "Totally Off Script" on Bell's Fibe TV1 Channel in Ottawa.

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